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Welteam Corporation was established in 2017, we are a authorized semiconductor distributor and design provider, in order to connect Chinese and Taiwanese customers, we have built a design center Yusheng Technology Ltd. in Shenzhen.
We focus on lighting design by OEM or ODM solutions.
The variety of value we provided by completely design solution and technical supports
We are also presenting the perfect logistics service of oversea and domestic.      

Main Product

High Lumen and efficiency, up to 95 CRI and Wide CCT Range

Third Generation

Product Feature: High Lumen and efficiency, up to 97 CRI and Wide CCT Range

定制調光IC与符合LM80認證光源的集成適配市面绝大多數調光器90 & 97 CRI,3000K-1800K调光92CRI, 4000K-2700K調光兩種調光特性,線性變化及模擬鹵素燈色容差小于3步,熱態分光

Dimming and Tunable CCT COB

Product Feature:

Two channel cool and warm 90+ CRI MP-1616 XNOVA Cube LEDs on metal PC board

4000K to 1800K CCT range for residential and hospitality lighting

6500K to 2700K CCT range for commercial lighting

Robust design with LM-80 tested MP-1616 series LEDs

95 CRI typical with both channels powered on


Stage & Studio Lighting COB

Product Feature:

Luminus LEDs for Stage Lighting enable extraordinary light intensity, dynamic color tuning, and precise beam shaping. Luminus has advanced solid-state lighting technology to levels at or beyond those of premium discharge lamps enabling designers to do more with their light and create new experiences.

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Infrared LEDS

Product Feature:

Luminus offers infrared LEDs at 730nm, 850nm and 940nm. Our IR SST family comes in two different beam angles 90-degree and 130-degree and are specifically designed to handle the high pulse currents used in most infrared applications.

產品特點及優勢UVA 365nm – 415nm適合不同應用的封裝設計更高電流驅動能力提供DLP匹配用UV光源


Product Feature:

From touch screens to mobile phones to labels on bottles of water, UV LEDs have revolutionized how objects get cured—instant on, no VOCs and long lifetimes are some of their advantages. UV Curing whether printing, coating or adhesives requires maximizing intensity to increase throughput. Luminus engineers its LEDs to be driven at ultra-high current densities to maximize W/cm2 in curing systems. Our wide range of 365-405nm products, from die to lensed and un-lensed packages and with 1-30 W of UV power, enable modular and scalable designs for spot, line and array curing applications.


High Power RGB

Product Feature:

High optical output

High thermal conductivity package

Four chips with emitting area of 1 mm2 each

Variable drive currents: 0.1 A to 2 A max

Available in RGBW combination


High Power Monochromatic Single Color SBT-70/90 CBT-90

Product Feature:

Individually packaged Red, Green and Blue colors of various wavelengths

Emission size ranging from 4.0 mm2 to 12 mm2

Best thermal resistance

Highest current density


Monochromatic SMD Single Color RGB-SST-10

Product Feature:

Individually packaged Red, Green and Blue colors of various wavelengths

Emission size ranging from 1.0 mm2 to 9.0 mm2

Low thermal resistance

Highest current density

全新超高亮度白光,更高的流明密度9mm超小發光面,高達3A/mm的驅動能力三種可選應用:WDS(5700K)、WCS(6500K)、 WSS(7800K)0.45℃/W超低熱阻高可靠性,符合RoHS & REACH環保認證

Specialty White CFT-90

Prodcut Feature:

Product line ranging 1W to over 100W

Monolithic emitters for best directionality and artifact-free far field

Selection of surface mount and chip-on-metal PCB packages

Unlensed versions available for etendue-limited, hyper-directional applications

Large operating dynamic range

Select devices available with high CRI option


Automobile LED

Product Feature: Automobile Headlight & Fog Light